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Photo : R&D building Océ Headquarters in Venlo, The Netherlands, which installed a geothermal energy storage system in 2015

Océ N.V. (The Netherlands)

Geothermal energy storage systems for cooling and heating buildings

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Geothermal energy storage systems

To reduce environmental impact, Océ utilizes an on-site geothermal energy storage system to extract cold and heat energy. This energy is stored in subsurface groundwater. The system consists of two separate groundwater wells, each of which is connected to an aquifer in which groundwater is stored. The systems are operated in seasonal mode. In summer, cold groundwater is extracted from the cold aquifer, and an energy exchanger uses this cold groundwater to cool the building. As the cold groundwater rises in temperature, it becomes warm groundwater, and is then fed into the warm aquifer for storage. In winter the process is reversed. The environmental impact is low compared to traditional cooling and heating systems that use electricity and natural gas. This geothermal energy storage technology helps reduce CO2 emissions.

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General principle of a geothermal energy storage system

Geothermal energy storage system at Océ premises in Europe

Three aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) systems are in use in the Netherlands and one in Germany. Our new Océ Headquarters building will also be equipped with a geothermal energy storage system. These systems used in the Netherlands and Germany are of the shallow type as the wells are only up to 80 meters deep. Advanced technology to find a proper aquifer is required. To avoid interaction between the cold and warm aquifers, both wells are separated far apart.

Drilling of 80 meters deep well in Venlo, The Nehterland

Mr. Henk-Drik Elting, Real Estate & Facility Services

Our geothermal energy systems in the Netherlands and in Germany help us improve our energy efficiency while reducing running costs. Applying state-of-the-art energy efficiency technologies like geothermal energy storage underpins our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Océ is committed to promoting environmental assurance activities not only by developing and manufacturing environmental friendly products but also by reducing the environmental impact of our operations.