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Macro Twin Lite
Close-ups with all the freedom of angle-adjustable lighting.
image:Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX
Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX     EF50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro, 1/60, f/4
The flexibility to meet creative demands.
image:MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite
MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite
Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX is specifically designed for macro photography. Equipped with two independent, angle-adjustable flash heads, it enables more flexible control of lighting than the MR-14EX. Each of the two flash heads can be fired independently if desired and provides bright illumination with a maximum guide number of 26/83.5 (ISO 100 in m/ft). The MT-24EX supports wireless multiple flash functions, as well as high-speed sync flash and FE Lock.
Macro Ring Lite Wireless mult-flash macro
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