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Canon put a shutter release button on a Speedlite*!
Canon added a remote control shutter button*2 to certain Speedlites*1. Now you can flexibly light your subject and release the shutter from a single handheld flash unit. Anyone can easily take expressive photos with complex lighting that only professionals could achieve before.
*1 Speedlite 270EX II and Speedlite 320EX  *2 Official name: Remote Release button.
Remote Release button
Move the flash around! Fix EOS in place Flash on left Flash at rear
Flash on left, at rear Built-in flash
Experience it for yourself!
Virtual shooting experience
The step-by-step process
On the EOS Rebel T3i or EOS 600D
Choose “built-in flash function settings” from the camera menu and set up as shown left.
On the EOS 60D or EOS 7D
Go to “flash control” in the function menu, choose “built-in flash control” and set up as shown left.

(Pop up the built-in flash, too.)
Set the Speedlite power switch to SLAVE.
Point the Speedlite at your camera (with no obstacles between the Speedlite and camera) and press the “Remote Release button”.
Point the Speedlite at your subject from any desired angle within 2 seconds of pressing the button.
The flash fires and the camera shutter releases simultaneously — 2 seconds after pressing the “Remote Release button”.
Models that support Remote Release shooting
Pocket-type external flash ready for instant use 270EXII Our most popular external flash; feature-rich and ample illumination  320EX
Serious camera packed with cutting edge-features  EOS 7D Outstanding performance for both newbies and experts  EOS 60D
Super friendly EOS for anyone who wants great photos EOS REBEL T3i EOS600D