Technology for Durability and Toughness

The Ultimate in Toughness and Durability

Lenses that withstand conditions from the Sahara to the Poles

The ability to take a photo in an instant, effortlessly and surely, in any location, any conditions: stress-free photography has always been Canon’s goal. L-series lenses in particular, conceived as professional tools, are charged with the mission of stable, trouble-free performance in even the most severe shooting conditions. To achieve a high level of overall reliability for each and every lens, various operating conditions are surmised and allowed for during the design phase. Dust and rain are among the elements that plague both the photojournalist who tracks the elusive face of nature and the camera lens that functions as a precision instrument.

With Canon L-series lenses, the ring USM and other mechanisms perform to professional specifications, regardless of the shooting environment. Every lens that bears the Canon name must deliver the same reliability. To ensure this, Canon maintains rigorous production quality control standards at every phase, from design of the optical array to engineering of the mechanical parts. Manufacturing tolerances for lens element spacing, tilt, eccentricity and other specifications are calculated in micron units. When necessary, lenses are fine-tuned one by one to maintain this high level of performance. Today, the unfailing support of professional photographers is the ultimate proof of L-series reliability.