Regarding the vulnerability in WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption protocol

December 7, 2017
Canon. Inc.

Recently, a researcher made public a vulnerability known as KRACKs in the standard wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) encryption protocol WPA2. This vulnerability allows an attacker to intentionally intercept the wireless transmission between the client (terminal equipped with Wi-Fi functionality) and the access point (the router etc.) to perform potentially malicious activity. For that reason, this vulnerability cannot be exploited by anyone outside the range of the Wi-Fi signal or by anyone in a remote location using the internet as an intermediary.

We have yet to confirm that any issues have been encountered by users of Canon products as a result of this vulnerability, however, in order to allow customers to continue using our products with peace of mind, we recommend the following preventative measures:

  • Use a USB cable or Ethernet cable to directly connect compatible devices to a network
  • Encrypt data transmission from devices that enable encryption settings (TLS/IPSec)
  • Use such physical media as SD cards with compatible devices
  • Use such settings as Wireless Direct and Direct Connect with compatible devices
  • *As the operation procedures and functions offered vary from device to device, please consult your device’s manual for more details.
  • *We also recommend you take appropriate measures for such devices as your PC or smartphone. For information on the appropriate measures for each device, please contact the device’s manufacturer.