CEO Message

Fujio Mitarai

Pursuing a grand strategic transformation to accelerate growth as we commemorate our 80th anniversary

Last year, the first in Phase V of our Excellent Global Corporation Plan (2016 – 2020), was fruitful as we established a strong foundation in four new business domains: commercial printing, network cameras, healthcare and industrial equipment. This year, Canon’s 80th anniversary, we will accelerate growth even further for each of these businesses.

In commercial printing, we are stepping up product development based on Canon and Océ technologies. In network cameras, our collaborations are progressing with Axis, which has overwhelming sales power, and Milestone Systems, which boasts a top share in video management software. Working with these two innovative companies, we see the potential to significantly expand our network camera operations, proposing tailored system solutions for cities, commercial facilities, transportation facilities, and many others. In healthcare, on one front we are collaborating with Toshiba Medical Systems, which joined the Canon Group last year, to offer innovative equipment and services, and on a second front we are expanding business into new areas, including biomedical genetic testing and medical IT solutions. In industrial equipment, we have begun to boost the production capacity of Canon Tokki’s Organic LED (OLED) panel manufacturing equipment and are moving forward in the development of next-generation nanoimprint technology with an eye toward initiating mass production of semiconductor chips.

To succeed in the grand strategic transformation we have embarked on, we must recognize the importance of our existing businesses, including cameras, inkjet printers and office multifunction devices. While proceeding with ongoing reform aimed at unifying product development, procurement, production technology and manufacturing, we are introducing such innovations as robotics, AI and IoT, and furthering our in-house production capabilities. In sales, our aim is to cultivate highly skilled sales engineers, improve our e-commerce platforms, and establish a system that will better enable us to address diverse customer needs.

Achieving our Phase V reforms amid this unstable global economic environment will be challenging. But with Canon’s entrepreneurial spirit and the San-ji, or “Three Selfs,” Spirit that has been passed down since our foundation 80 years ago, the Canon Group will work as one to achieve this grand strategic transformation and from this turning point to embark on new business growth.

Fujio Mitarai
Fujio Mitarai
Chairman & CEO
Canon Inc.