Commercial printing

Canon’s technology is creating a vivid future for a printing industry with increasingly diverse needs

Today’s analog-to-digital revolution in printing marks the industry’s greatest transformation since Gutenberg introduced the printing press to Europe some 500 years ago. Alongside the rapid expansion of digital printing technology, a corresponding transformation is taking place as traditional business models continue to evolve.
Drawing upon our wealth of experience and rich portfolio of original technologies accumulated from our pioneering developments in home and office printing, Canon has become a leading force in the evolution of digital printing and an innovator striving to meet the growing demand for high-image-quality and high-speed, small-lot printing. Today, we are pioneering new markets in commercial printing.
Digital printing solutions such as variable data printing, which enables users to change the content of individual printed sheets, and direct mail and in-house production of POP materials and posters, is revolutionizing the printing business, supporting a richer and more convenient lifestyle for those in the printing industry and beyond.
Welcoming Océ, a leader in commercial printing, into the Canon Group has enabled us to pursue new possibilities in digital printing with a wide-ranging lineup of products that will contribute to a vivid future for business and society.