Current status of new industry-oriented business group structure
Imaging Group

EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera for high-quality photography of all kinds

Imaging for richer life and culture—
the possibilities today extend far beyond the conventional realm of cameras

Optics is a key technology for future society

Canon's technology, even as it continues to advance the spheres of cameras and imaging, is rapidly evolving into a pillar of digital society. Examples include onboard cameras, which are vital for autonomous driving; the “eyes” of robots; factory automation; VR, AR, MR; and much more.
From production sites and distribution to everyday life, Canon's optical, sensor, image processing, video analytics and network technologies are advancing as visual solutions that address social issues, deliver new experiences of happiness, and contribute to a sustainable future for society.

Network cameras will be a fundamental part of Smart City infrastructure

Keeping watch over our society while assisting crime prevention, traffic control and river surveillance, network cameras are already a key part of our infrastructure. Under the Smart City concept taking root worldwide, network cameras will play an increasingly critical role in infrastructure by predicting and preventing traffic and crowd congestion, accidents and disasters.
Canon has developed network cameras as a new business and will further advance leading-edge technologies such as AI while working to make Smart Cities a reality. At the same time, with solutions for in-store and event marketing, automation and more, Canon is contributing to the digital transformation of society.

Network cameras serve many purposes in diverse locations

Never forgetting that “Canon is cameras”

Canon's evolution continues in the camera business on which the company was founded. The EOS series of interchangeable-lens cameras-including increasingly popular mirrorless cameras, which have earned accolades for high speed, ease of use and high image quality-meets the strict demands of professionals and further expands the possibilities of visual expression for all. As more and more people enjoy shooting photos and videos, Canon has adapted by developing a concept camera that identifies smiling faces and shoots automatically, and with contributions such as new photo cloud services. To further expand Canon's business and maintain its position at the forefront of the imaging industry, Canon has launched a new VR imaging production system.

PowerShot PICK concept camera detects faces and shoots automatically

Canon supports the work of video production professionals

The Canon brand has earned the trust of video production professionals globally with a robust lineup of broadcast equipment, including the lenses that TV stations and production teams around the world rely on. To support the strict standards of working professionals, Canon's extensive lineup includes digital cinema cameras renowned for outstanding mobility and operability, and professional displays that video production professionals depend on for accurate color reproduction.
Today, while contributing to greater efficiency and labor reduction in video production with remotely operated cameras, Canon is pioneering new frontiers in visual expression with MR and volumetric video.

With high operability and mobility, Canon's cinema cameras support various styles of cinematography

Canon's 4K professional displays satisfy the strict requirements of video production professionals

Remote cameras expand the possibilities of visual expression

Comprehensive offerings from cameras to video management and video analytics

A network camera system comprises cameras; a video management system (VMS), which controls the cameras and records images; and video content analytics (VCA) software. The Canon Group possesses all three elements. Canon produces not only the cameras, but also the VCA software, which performs real-time people counting in crowds, facial recognition, and more. Axis is a world leader in network cameras. Milestone Systems’ VMS supports over 10,000 models of cameras and devices. BriefCam produces outstanding Video Synopsis technology. And Arcules provides cloud-based video management services.
What's more, the Canon Group employs an open-platform approach, which enables the integration of cameras, VMS and VCA from other manufacturers. This gives Canon's partner companies around the world the freedom to build and expand their own network camera systems.

Axis (based in Sweden)

Milestone Systems (based in Denmark)

BriefCam (based in Israel)

Arcules (based in the U.S.)

Imaging Group main products:
Interchangeable-lens digital cameras / Interchangeable lenses / Network cameras / Digital camcorders / Digital cinema cameras / Broadcast equipment / Multimedia projectors and more

Current status of new industry-oriented business group structure

Society realized by four new businesses that are responsible for a grand strategic transformation