Current status of new industry-oriented business group structure
Medical Group

MRI featuring quiet operation and image noise reduction based on technology using deep learning*

Looking to the future together with patients and medical institutions, Canon pursues new value that will contribute to healthcare

Healthcare needs continue to rise

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and such trends as the aging of societies worldwide, demand for healthcare, including health promotion and disease prevention, has become even greater. As the burden on healthcare professionals rises, the entire Canon Group is forming collaborative partnerships with medical institutions and universities around the world on medical solutions that will help realize higher-quality healthcare through leading-edge technology.

Canon Medical at the core of new business development

In response to advancements in medical care, Canon's medical business is expanding in three fields: diagnostic imaging, healthcare IT and in-vitro diagnostics. The Group company Canon Medical Systems is at the center of this strategy. Under its corporate philosophy of Made for Life, which expresses a commitment to contribute to medical care that protects precious lives, the company pursues technology-centered solutions at the frontlines of medical care in areas such as diagnostics and treatment. Canon Medical is committed to providing valuable solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Diagnostic imaging systems also play a vital role in cutting-edge treatment

Modern advanced medical care would not be possible without diagnostic imaging. Canon Medical, which offers a wide range of diagnostic imaging systems, including CT, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound systems and angiography systems, is breaking new ground in the early detection of diseases.
The company's new CT, MRI and PET-CT systems have image noise removal technology designed with deep learning*. This technology not only improves image quality, but also significantly decreases radiation exposure and shortens scanning times, thus reducing the burden on patients during exams and realizing more efficient advanced medical care.

  • *AI technology was used in the development stage; the system does not have a self-learning function.

Canon Medical’s diagnostic ultrasound system is widely used both for daily medical care and exams requiring precise, detailed images

Mobile medical container CT systems hold great promise for both the treatment of infectious diseases and remote medical care

Healthcare IT advances DX in medical care

As the digital transformation advances in medical care, Canon is contributing with healthcare IT that collects, consolidates, analyzes and processes patient data ranging from diagnostic images to medication history. Based on clinically collected image data and non-image data such as daily body temperature and blood pressure readings, Canon provides solutions such as diagnostic imaging interpretation* that use AI to support accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

  • *AI technology was used in the development stage; the system does not have a self-learning function.

Healthcare IT integrates and displays all types of data including diagnostic images

Promptly providing testing kits for COVID-19

Canon was one of the first companies to introduce practical in-vitro diagnostics testing kits for COVID-19. With the aim of becoming a total solutions provider in clinical testing, Canon has entered the field of peripheral products for clinical laboratory testing systems such as test reagents, and has produced an automatic clinical chemistry analyzer that can test a large number of samples in shorter time.

Rapid antigen testing system (qualitative) for COVID-19

Novel coronavirus RNA detection reagent for rapid genetic testing

Pursuing early commercialization of a next-generation photon-counting CT

Photon-counting CT, which can directly convert each X-ray light particle (photon) that passes through the human body into an electrical signal, is a next-generation technology that may lead to breakthroughs such as the identification of substances by color and a huge reduction in radiation dosage. Since welcoming Redlen Technologies, a Canada-based company with advanced photon detector technology, into the Group, Canon has accelerated the development of this technology and proceeded to clinical testing and verification with the National Cancer Center Japan to attain early commercialization.

R&D at Redlen Technologies

Medical Group main products:
CT systems / Diagnostic ultrasound systems / Diagnostic X-ray systems / MRI systems / Clinical chemistry analyzers / Digital radiography systems / Ophthalmic equipment and more

Current status of new industry-oriented business group structure

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