Society realized by Network camera Business
For a campus where students, faculty and local residents
feel safe and secure

High-definition network camera installed
near the school's main gate

This vast campus is a familiar landscape to the local community

Seikei Gakuen, located in Tokyo, is a huge educational facility with more than 10,000 students from elementary school to university and graduate school, all studying at one campus. The school grounds have stood here for about 100 years. With its open-gate policy that allows local residents to freely enter and pass through the grounds, the school is a friendly part of the local community.
To keep the vast campus both safe and open to the public, Seikei Gakuen had installed surveillance camera systems in each building. With those systems, however, the school faced a number of issues such as a lack of centralized locations for viewing videos and poor image quality unsuitable for the identification of license plates of incoming vehicles.

Watching over campus life and playing a role in crime prevention

Footage from cameras around the school is randomly displayed in the guard station

Network camera painted to match the surrounding décor, helping students feel at ease

As safety is a leading concern for schools today, Seikei Gakuen turned to Canon to implement a network camera system that could resolve those issues. Now, including the already installed surveillance cameras, a total of 44 cameras are centrally managed. In addition to being able to switch between all the camera feeds and check the video in real time, information can be instantly shared with the guards and other responsible parties, so that first response measures can be enacted swiftly in the event of an abnormality. Moreover, the usability of the system has been greatly improved. Searches can be executed, narrowing down footage to only the sequences in which movement has occurred. This has eliminated the need to spend hours searching through individual camera videos. Canon's high-image-quality network cameras at the school gate make it possible to record suspicious movements clearly. In addition, the guard station is equipped with a number of monitors that display camera footage from all around the campus. Canon’s technology provides peace of mind to students while assisting in crime prevention by signaling to outsiders that danger and crimes will be noticed and recorded.

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