Approach to Sustainability

Basic Approach

At Canon, we have proactively undertaken activities to promote sustainability based on our corporate philosophy of Kyosei. In May 2021, we established the Sustainability Headquarters to lead efforts to further develop these initiatives.

In addition, we have expressed our “Approach to Sustainability”, formulated in October 2021, to secure the deeper involvement of Canon Group employees and other stakeholders in attaining this goal.

Approach to Sustainability

Since 1988, Canon has been striving to uphold our corporate philosophy of Kyosei (living and working together for the common good) in order to contribute to worldwide prosperity and happiness.

A society in which all people live and work together, respecting one another and coexisting happily, regardless of culture, customs, language, ethnicity, or region. And a society in harmony with nature, able to preserve Earth’s abundant resources for future generations.

To realize such a society, Canon will create new value through the power of technology and innovation, providing world-first technologies and world-leading products and services while also contributing to solutions for the problems our society faces. By providing greater value while using fewer resources throughout all product lifecycles, we aim to enable affluent lifestyles while protecting the environment.

Through our corporate activities, Canon proactively works toward realizing a sustainable society.

Contributing to a Sustainable Society (Value Creation)

The Canon Group has built its business over the years based on the philosophy of Kyosei and inherited corporate DNA comprising deep Respect for Humanity, an Emphasis on Technology, and Enterprising Spirit. We have continued to grow as we anticipate social changes and effectively utilize our various resources, which include strong finances, a talented workforce, advanced technical capabilities and good corporate governance.

Based on our approach to sustainability, through our Excellent Global Corporation Plan’s Phase VI covering the period from 2021 to 2025, we are progressing with initiatives aimed at addressing materiality issues. By creating new value to improve the aspects of security, safety, comfort and enrichment via the power of technology and innovation, we aim to promote enriched lifestyles and help the global environment, based on the EQCD concept. In this way, by helping to realize SDGs and net-zero CO2 emissions, we address societal issues while also helping to create a sustainable society.

Promotion System

The Sustainability Headquarters of Canon Inc. coordinates activities across the Group that are aimed at promoting sustainability from both social and environmental perspectives. It works together with other divisions to address any issues that demand inter-departmental cooperation.

The Group Executive for Sustainability Headquarters, who is an executive officer of Canon Inc., reports on crucial sustainability-related matters to the Chairman & CEO and Executive Vice President and receives approval for the direction and measures guiding our response to risks and opportunities.

Promotion System

Sustainability-related issues:
Environment, human rights, human resources development, diversity, quality, social and cultural support, technology, corporate governance, risk management, intellectual property management, compliance, supply chain risks, etc.