Canon Imaging Project with Cultural Properties


This event is finished.

Thank you very much for your participation.
(Kyoto Kenninji, Oct 15-30, 2022 Except for 24-25)

Canon would like to convey the appeal of Japanese cultural properties to people of all ages and nationalities, as well as to those who may not be familiar with them. With that in mind, Canon has organized this special night event, YORU ZEN - Find Your Own Zen.

Three imaging technologies, Projection mapping, MR(Mixed Reality) and AR(Augmented Reality), bring cultural properties to life and bring their appeal to you.We offer a new way to appreciate cultural properties.

Promotion video

YORU ZEN Event video

Directed by Anomitani (studio tms)

Canon presents three cultural properties with innovative imaging technology

1. Augmented Reality

The dragons protect the principal image of Buddha, Shaka Nyorai, and make it rain. Rain washes away excess and brings you closer to the Buddha, who embodies "as he is." In AR, the dragons break out of the ceiling and deliver those messages to you.

What’s so special?
No special software or apps required. Using Web AR, visitors can view the AR display simply by holding their smartphones over the display inside the temple. Users can also view individual portions of the image in high-resolution via their web browser.
Using its proprietary technologies, Canon has synthesized a 18.4 megapixel digital image of the painting (which measures 11.4 m (l) x 15.7 m (w), ceiling height: 15/7 m) that can be viewed by segment in high resolution.

Equipment used for image capture: EOS R5 mirrorless camera (released in July 2020) and RF 70-200 mm F2.8 L IS USM lens (released in November 2019).

Digital content created by comprehensive digital content production firm gumi inc.
*For more information about gumi inc., visit the company website: (Japanese only)

2. Mixed Reality

Zen garden uses no water and is expressed with stones and sand creating spaces that reflect viewer's mental landscape. Yes, it is the mirror of the mind. Canon MR visualizes it, letting you to look at the same landscape in different ways, as if you see rain, rivers, oceans, or the universe.

What’s so special?
Mixed reality experience using Canon’s MREAL system.
Using the MREAL S1, 3d CG imagery is superimposed over Daiou-en, a Japanese dry garden. Mystical and immersive visual experience based on a Zen worldview.

Content created in cooperation with CG-ARTS1, famed performer Hitoshi Taguchi2and Rhino Studios3.

3. Projection Mapping

The folding screen depicts Japanese prayers for a bountiful harvest: “The wind carries the seeds, the thunder calls the rain, the crops grow and the grain bears”. In projection mapping, the wind god and thunder god emerge from the folding screen to depict the Japanese belief that gods reside in the wind, thunder, and various forms of nature. *high resolution facsimiles.

What’s so special?
High-resolution facsimile of national treasure “The Wind and Thunder Gods” and installation site used in a projection mapping visual experience.

Two Canon WUX500ST short-throw projectors (released in April 2017) synchronized with sound system.

  • *High-resolution facsimile of “The Wind and Thunder Gods” created by the Tsuzuri Project and donated to Kenninji Temple in 2021.
    For more information about the Tsuzuri Project, visit:


A historic Zen temple in Kyoto and the head temple of the Kenninji school of the Rinzai sect. It was founded by Zen master Yosai, who introduced Rinzai sect from China to Japan. The temple was constructed in 1202 during the Kamakura period and was named after the era of the time. 800 years later, it is still widely regarded as a Zen training hall.

Event details

Date October 15-30, 2022 *Except for 24 and 25
This event is finished.
Time 5:45PM – 8:00PM *Last entry at 7:20PM
Venue Kyoto Kenninji
Access (Japanese only):
Ticket Price 2,200 Yen (including entrance fee)
Hosted by Canon Inc.
Special support Kenninji Temple
Project support Kyoto Culture Association (NPO)
Additional support Kyoto Pref. & Kyoto City


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