Canon Participates in 2022 JPO/IPR Training Course on Anti-Counterfeiting Measures for Practitioners

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) conducts various international training programs with the aim to assist capacity building in the field of industrial property rights in developing countries mainly in the Asia Pacific Region. Recently, Canon participated as a speaker in an invitational training program “2022 JPO/IPR Training Course on Anti-Counterfeiting Measures for Practitioners” for Customs and Intellectual Property Office personnel to learn about the current situation and efforts to strengthen IP enforcement in Japan. Canon introduced its global program against counterfeiting, and provided participants with hands-on experience of counterfeit goods such as camera batteries and printer ink, as well as explanations on product authentication and the dangers of counterfeit goods. On the same day, a roundtable discussion was held and there was a lively exchange of views regarding cooperation between Customs/Intellectual Property Offices of the various participants' countries and rights owners.

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