U.S. Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters - Successful Raid Action on Defendant's Upstream Chinese Supplier

In April 2022, Canon filed a lawsuit in the United States against sellers who were selling counterfeit Canon products (e.g., camera batteries) on U.S. e-commerce websites.
After obtaining information that some of the defendants had been procuring counterfeit goods they sold in the U.S. through Chinese secondhand online marketplaces, Canon launched its own investigation in China and succeeded in locating the bases of the counterfeiters who were the sources of the counterfeit goods. Receiving Canon's report, on December 13, the local public security bureau raided such counterfeiters and seized a total of approximately 1,500 counterfeit items, including counterfeit batteries and chargers for Canon digital cameras. Canon will continue to take a firm stand against counterfeiting, and will pursue not only those selling counterfeit goods via e-commerce but also their upstream manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Counterfeit Batteries Seized On Site ①
  • Counterfeit Batteries Seized On Site ②

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